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Management of Cookies

If you do not wish to receive cookies on our website, you can use this tool to disable the categories you have chosen.

Please note that we need to use a cookie to store your choice so that we can remember it the next time you visit our website in this browser.

This setting is valid for this browser, if you view our site from another browser, you will have to enter it again. Please also note that while we will do our best to accommodate your request, not all cookies may be blocked.

Changing the cookie storage may result in different functionality of the site, please keep this in mind when making settings, as the user experience may change significantly as a result of the setting.

Under related EU legislation, functional cookies, analytical cookies and other cookies that are linked to third parties will only be placed through our site if you have consented to this by clicking the appropriate button.

Once you have chosen whether or not to allow the use of cookies, the cookie information message disappears, but may occasionally appear. If you want to reset these settings before the time expires, please clear your browser's cookies, for help with this please see the help page of your browser.

Functional cookies

These cookies enhance the functionality of the site by storing some information about your preferences. This includes, for example, the management of possible language versions of the website.

Analysis cookies

These cookies help us to evaluate the performance of our website and improve your user experience based on your experience.

Third party cookies

Interesting facts, useful content and spectacular videos can also be displayed on our pages. These are typically taken from Facebook and YouTube pages. Such content that is posted on the website may contain various third-party cookies in exactly the same way as when you visit or use a Facebook or YouTube video sharing site.

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