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Let our experts take care of your Bitcoin mining machines and enjoy the pure profit of your ASIC-s. We provide the most efficient and professional hosting for ASIC machines with one of the best electricity prices

Would you like to benefit from the Bitcoin and blockchain revolution, but don't have the time or inclination to do so? Trust our professional traders with your cryptocurrencies. - SOON

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For Retail investors

Crypto community, TRADING

  • Bitcoin and altcoin analyses
  • Cryptocurrency trading tips
  • Live streams
  • DeFi, NFT, Staking specialities
  • Educational contents
  • Mentoring, community
  • Stuck, got a question? We can help!

For Bitcoin miners

Bitcoin mining,

  • Great expertise
  • High-tech infrastructure
  • Best energy prices worldwide
  • Professional staff
  • Full range of services
  • Active monitoring
  • Broad knowledge of the crypto market

For Institutional investors

Cryptocurrency ASSETS

  • Let our experts work for you
  • Choose the risk level that suits you
  • Exclude the stress from trading
  • Don't miss out on the latest trends
  • Trading, staking, DeFi solutions
  • Many years of crypto experience
  • High expected profit, reduced risk

Generate profit with your mining machines

Bitcoin és kriptovaluta bányászat I Elysium

Our high-power, decentralized mining machines are located in data centers, which are installed directly next to power generation facilities. This allows us to significantly reduce the electricity prices for Bitcoin ASIC machines.

Our aim is to develop business relationships that exploit the synergies between energy production companies and Bitcoin mining, with high returns.

Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to provide a unique and globally competitive solution for Bitcoin mining and hosting. Request a quote now to see this for yourself!

Crypto community, trading

Kriptovaluta kereskedés és közösség I Elysium

Analysis and guides on the future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies! Education, live streams, tips, news, and community!

If you want to get effectively involved in the world of digital currencies, stock exchanges, DeFi, and NFTs, we are the place for you!

But if you're familiar with the cryptocurrency market, but want to deepen your knowledge and profit from the digital money revolution, you're in the right place! Because in the Cryptofalka community you can get it all from one source, from the best in the business!

Crypto community, trading

Kriptovaluta kereskedés és közösség I Elysium

Cryptocurrency Asset management

With our team of experts, we work to ensure that our cryptocurrency portfolio management services are compliant with all legal requirements for both corporate and retail clients.

Our cryptocurrency traders have many years of experience in Bitcoin and altcoin portfolio management, and we would like to share their expertise and success with you.

This way you can benefit from the success and unparalleled profits of the crypto market, but also be free from the high stress factor of the highly volatile cryptocurrency market.

Our leaders

Honti Roland I Elysium, Cryptofalka, CryptoMemories

Roland Honti

Mechanical Engineer, Entrepreneur
Managing Director of Elysium 22 Invest Ltd.
Cryptofalka, CryptoMemories CEO

ignácz béla Elysium

Béla Ignácz

HR Manager, Investor
Managing Director of Elysium 22 Invest Ltd.


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