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About the Elysium mining farms

We operate for ourselves and host for customers ASIC bitcoin mining machines. We manage the entire business operation, from the purchase to the distribution of the generated bitcoins. Elysium is based in Europe, but due to the electricity crisis, we extended our European mining farms with efficient American locations.

Let our experts take care of your Bitcoin mining machines and enjoy the pure profit of your ASIC-s. We provide the most efficient and professional hosting for ASIC machines with one of the best electricity prices worldwide.

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PRICE PER KWH: $0.07-$0.08 ALL IN

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Green and affordable electricity

We extended our European mining farm with a Hydroelectric powered Bitcoin mining farm in America. We provide capacity to our clients for green and carbon-neutral electricity which also comes with very competitive rates.

6 years experience in the crypto market

With more than 6 years of experience in the crypto market, we are aware of the potential pitfalls in case of bad market conditions. We also know how could we max out our profit in the bull market. With this great expertise, we are able to help you in your mining operations if you are in need of it.

European based company with cheap American electricity

We have been effectively operating our Bitcoin mining facilities for years in Europe. After the European electricity crisis, we looked for the most efficient mining opportunities worldwide. The result is a European company structure paired with an efficient mining infrastructure.

Legal and reliable Bitcoin mining and hosting services

Transparent business principles and documentation without hidden charges in a compliant legal framework. Safe and protected location with 24/7 video surveillance, armed security, motion sensors, network security, and remote monitoring.

Our crypto services

Looking for a Long-Term passive income opportunity? Want to invest, but don’t have the right infrastructure? Expensive European energy costs? Come to the Elysium, host and purchase your mining machines with us!

Bitcoin ASIC hosting

Operate your Bitcoin mining machines with us! Over the years we built out our High-tech and GREEN infrastructure for Bitcoin mining. Furthermore, we also apply qualified staff and continuous supervision with legal business and with a fixed contract and invoicing.

sale of CRYPTO mining machines

We tried out a lot of suppliers over the years, so today we could say that we have the best connections to cheap and fast ASIC machines. If you would like to extend your Bitcoin mining farm, we can help you out with the best ASIC offers from the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you from?

Our company is based in Europe, but we extended our mining operations with efficien locations in South-America. In this way we combine the mature European company structure with cheap electricity prices.

Where will you host my mining machines?

Currently, we are accepting customer machines for hosting at our newest and most efficient mining location in Paraguay. Get more information about the location from Braiin’s article, which is one of the leading mining pool. Paraguay is at the beginning of its rise to prominence in the bitcoin mining world.

What should I know about the mining location?

 Paraguay’s Itaipu Dam has been the focal point of attention for miners who have been eyeing Paraguay as a place to set up efficient mining operations. Considered the second largest dam in the world, the Itaipu Dam has an overproduction of 5500 MW of hydroelectric power. This energy overproduction gives the miners and the government a big opportunity. Which is already working on crypto and miner-friendly regulation framework.

What is the minimum requirements for hosting?

The minimum capacity for hosting is currently 50kW.

What services do you provide?

We provide full service if you would like to host your Bitcoin mining machines with us, from setup til the transaction of the cryptocurrency to your own wallet. If you would like to extend your machine park, we are also able to help in importing and purchasing mining equipment.

How to get started?

If the services of Elysium is interesting to you or have any question do not hesitate to drop us a message and start possible work together.

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